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The Hanging Bicycle on hole 6

The Boy, the Girl and the Bike

Have you ever played a course where there is an old bike growing slowly into a tree, 25 feet in the air? Not likely. Next time you are out, when you get to the sixth tee take, a little pause in your round. Look up in the trees near the tee box and in one of them you will see a bike. The old rusted frame is overgrown by the trunk of the tree.

It’s not the kind of thing you expect to see on a golf course, but the story behind how it got there is even stranger. It is the story of the Spanish Civil War and a forbidden love.

Chapter 1

Stand on the sixth tee and look up. Something catches your eye high up in one of the trees. Hanging from the trunk like a medal on a soldier’s uniform is the rusted frame of an ancient bicycle. It's not a common sight, but the story of how it came to be there is not common either.
Legend has it that many years ago, during the Spanish Civil War, a young man migrant farm hand was working the fields.  Like so many people in his situation he was poor. The bicycle was his only means of transportation. He rode in early morning, worked from sun up to sun down and road home again. There were mouths to help feed at home and many days the boy would be the first to arrive and the last to leave.
One morning, like every other morning, he was leaving his bike in the shade and about to head into the field, when he spotted a young woman leaning against an old pine, reading a book. He had seen her before, riding a beautiful chestnut mare along the dirt road that ran between the fields and up to the finca.
This morning, he tipped his hat as he walked by and she said Buenos Dias.  That was how it began. He would see her every morning sitting in the same place. Little by little he got up the courage to speak. Each morning he came a little earlier to give them more time together. Soon that first tip of a hat grew into love.
Some mornings she would meet him on the road, hop on the handle bars and the two would spend a few precious moments together riding the twisting country roads. She loved the speed and he loved watching her hair blow in the wind and the smell of her perfume. Together on that bike they felt free.
When his mother found out begged him to forget the girl, his fellow workers warned about the dangers, but the boy was young, in love and unafraid. Soon two things would happen that would change their lives forever. The harvest came to an end and war broke out across the country.